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Broken Lines is a three-piece who harbour as much piss and vinegar as they do snarling spirit, their sound is impossible to pigeon-hole, let alone cage. Fusing together elements from many genres to form a triumvirate of uncompromising alternative rock.

"What a great song!

All sorts of things going on there, it reminded me of classic German Krautrock courtesy of Neu!, a bit of New Order filtering the Velvet Underground and most of all, the crazed, New York, avant-garde, rockabilly of the late Alan Vega (aka Suicide)

That's what's good about it, music has a wonderful emotional impact on you, each of us feels it differently, but we all feel something."

BB Skone - Pure West Radio / 24.02.2019

"Absolutely brilliant band!!xxx"

The Eagle - Narberth, Pembrokeshire / 20.07.2019

"When I listened to 'Black Space', I was immediately reminded of The Doors. Both the atmosphere of the song and the sound made me think of them. I enjoy the psychedelic, spacey vibe. 'Sweet Lips' had some pretty cool bass work. It was heavier and more a 'rockier' feel. Both songs are different, but your voice works great with either style. "

Patrick - A Look Into Music / 11.06.2019

Latest single: Out of Control

Is now available on all streaming here

  posted: 31 March 2021

Saturday 25th June 2022 - back at the Cellar Bar, can't wait!

On tour 2022 #brokenlinesuk

  posted: 25 June 2022

Sunday 1st May 2022 - live at Mash Guru, Macclesfield - playing the Party in the Pews after party!

Our first gig of 2022 #brokenlinesuk

  posted: 1 May 2022

Out of Control - full length video by Jack Jackson

  posted: 4 April 2021

Fantastic review of Out of Control from BB Skone - Pure West Radio

A song for our times.
Absolutely classic Broken Lines.
I really love their stuff.
Fabulous bass driven rocker with some glorious lyrics.
Take no prisoners, eh?

  posted: 4 April 2021

So excited to get our first radio exposure in Berlin!

Listen below and follow / like Ulf on Mixcloud

...we're on at 12:19 if you can't wait!! ;-)

  posted: 24 March 2021

Something massive this way comes!!

Get ready for release 31.03.2021

#outofcontrol   #welshmusic   #ukbrokenlines

  posted: 17 March 2021

Check out our current album Liberation.

Available on BandCamp and all online streaming platforms including: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, SoundCloud...

CD's are also available through BandCamp and include an insert booklet with lyrics and photos, it's gorgeous!

There have been fewer times where we need liberation more than today. Get up, do something, be heard! We love it and hope you do too! Jack, David & Mark x

  posted: 1 January 2021

Christmas Charity Single for 2020

We have just released our Christmas Charity Single with all proceeds going to Shelter Cymru - supporting the homeless in Wales.

Available on Bandcamp or you can donate directly through our Justgiving page.

We are determined to close 2020 on a positive note by releasing our 2020 charity Christmas single. Christmas is a time of giving, caring and sharing and no amount of Covid-19 can shut that down! It is currently believed that 90,000 Welsh residents are in danger of losing their homes in coming months. Homelessness is a long standing problem anyway but job and income losses this year have compounded the situation and winter months always place a huge strain on shelter charities. Whatever we can raise with this record we know can help to make a difference

We spent two weeks working in our production suite to write and record the song which very deliberately emphasises the positivity of Christmas. We decided to write one that was an upbeat reflection of this time of year. After such a difficult 2020 we thought we'd try and provide a bit of light relief by highlighting all the things that make the season a happy one and we hope everyone can get a little bit of a warm feeling from it!

Thank you :-)

  posted: 15 December 2020

SoundBoard Album Review - Liberation

Broken-Lines is Jack Jackson, Mark Briscoe and David Wellan and together they've recorded an album that stands out from the generic, mediocre trash that gets labelled as rock these days.

Liberation is ten original tracks and has it's roots in the much maligned pysch-prog mould but with enough modern touches and punk influences to lift it from that magnificent subgenre and off into the stratosphere of legendary Welsh rock.

These guys are taking no prisoners on this one and rightly so, you're either along for the ride or you can get off the fuckin' bus.

Broken Lines have been a part of the Pembrokeshire music scene for some time and along with Sendelica, are making waves that are far reaching, so sit up and take notice because these guys are here to stay. Get your copy now. MK

Black Space / Cellophane Killer / Darkest Hour / I Wonder / It's Your Time / Mannequin Heaven / Plain To See / Plug Me In / Running Free / Sweet Lips

SoundBoard Magazine

  posted: 30 March 2020

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