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Formed in 2014 in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, Broken Lines is a three-piece who harbour as much piss and vinegar as they do snarling spirit, their sound is impossible to pigeon-hole, let alone cage. Fusing together elements from many genres to form a triumvirate of uncompromising alternative rock.

From the outset they aimed to create exciting, emphatic, absorbing music. Drawing on and harnessing elements of alternative rock, punk, and psychedelia, and with personal influences as varied as New Model Army, Nick Cave and The Pink Fairies, the trio meld styles to make something that is exciting, exhilarating, compelling, vital, and entirely their own. Fast and jagged, slow and smooth, serene and thunderous, Broken Lines take listeners and audiences on a glorious sonic journey, fuelled by genuine passion and propelled by towering musicianship and craft.

Not afraid to speak out on issues that concern them, the band projects a "no compromise" view of the world, delivering the sound of a band backed into a corner and trying desperately not to bite. With their own practice facility and recording suite, Broken Lines have the space and scope to fully commit to conceiving, creating, and recording, as well as honing their prodigious live performance skills. A Broken Lines show is a solid guarantee of an experience not to be forgotten.

"A song for our times.
Absolutely classic Broken Lines.
I really love their stuff.
Fabulous bass driven rocker with some glorious lyrics.
Take no prisoners, eh?"

BB Skone - Pure West Radio / single: Out of Control / 4.04.2021

"There hasn't been much about 2020 that could be called a highlight; however it was the year Broken Lines came to my attention out here in Los Angeles. It was a genuine thrill to hear their album Liberation for the first time and the band has been on my radio show playlist ever since. I'm looking forward to their next chapter!"

Steven Davies-Morris, Deep Nuggets Radio, California, USA. / 30.12.2020

"Love your music. Kraut rock? Well Moby Grape had the obverse, The Clash had the inverse and so everything was hunky dory. You stay in your lane, that's cool."

Malcolm Cawley (aka BB Skone) - Pure West Radio / 27.08.2019

"These boys are smokin'..... We had a Saturday night with the amazing Broken Lines in The Cellar, Cardigan. I've watched the band develop over the last couple of years, and I love what they have become. We appreciate great quality original music here.... especially if it rocks; and that is what we got: thick punky riffs and strong emphatic down strokes, driving drums melded and weaving with heavy bass..... I'm not sure what their influences are, but I can hear a flavour of the early 80's New Wave scene, with perhaps a later Indy Rock influence too: some fast paced chord progressions and a slightly less urgent lyrical delivery. It is difficult to get that singing at one pace and doubling up with a fast downward stroke on the strings method, but David nails it. There were elements of the heavier side of sixties Psychedelia too (enter: the drummer), and perhaps I picked up a little sense of The Doors and The Kinks in there.... maybe a bit of early Zep... nice to see a bass man, with a bit of animation, filling in the gaps with boom: powerful interplay between these two.... anyways: we danced and they delivered.... awesome originals from this fabulous power trio: if you get a chance, go and see them.... bangin'..... Steve, The Cellar, Cardigan."

The Cellar Bar, Cardigan / 7.08.2019

"Absolutely brilliant band!!xxx"

The Eagle - Narberth, Pembrokeshire / 20.07.2019

"A breathe of fresh air! Awesome!"

AJ from Ireland at The Cellar Bar, Cardigan / 19.07.2019

"When I listened to 'Black Space', I was immediately reminded of The Doors. Both the atmosphere of the song and the sound made me think of them. I enjoy the psychedelic, spacey vibe. 'Sweet Lips' had some pretty cool bass work. It was heavier and more a 'rockier' feel. Both songs are different, but your voice works great with either style. "

Patrick - A Look Into Music / 11.06.2019

"What a great song!

All sorts of things going on there, it reminded me of classic German Krautrock courtesy of Neu!, a bit of New Order filtering the Velvet Underground and most of all, the crazed, New York, avant-garde, rockabilly of the late Alan Vega (aka Suicide)

That's what's good about it, music has a wonderful emotional impact on you, each of us feels it differently, but we all feel something."

BB Skone - Pure West Radio / 24.02.2019

"I'm really enjoying their music... it defies categorisation!" "

BB Skone - Pure West Radio / 26.02.2019

"I saw them there too...loved their set. Great gigs guys! Blown away!"

Janice Holden - Cellar Bar, Cardigan / 28.02.2019

"You guys have a new wave side to your multi faceted sound."

Gregg McKella - Paradise9, Brighton / 28.02.2019

"Sort of a bit Slits and PIL and then a touch of Gang of Four...sounds good. "

Simon Moriarty - London / 9.01.2019

"Massive thanks to the broken lines band , ourselves and all the customers had a fabulous night last Saturday , truly talented lads who rocked the house down . From all at the golden lion hotel, see you again soon."

Claire Sabiston - Golden Lion, Newport / 11.01.2019

"Incredible sounds, unlike any band you have heard!"

Anthony Thompson - Ravenheart Band / 8.09.2018

"Huge thanks to Broken Lines for their set at the Parrot. Delivering their unique cocktail of punk-psychedelia: punkedelia ... or psych-punk ... whatever catches on. They pin you down with driving bass lines and rip the top of your head off with wailing vocal lines. ... and it's difficult to not lose your mind when they break down into their full on psychadelic mode. Can't wait for them to come back!"

Nicholas Gealy - Parrot, Carmarthen / 16.07.2018

"Saw broken lines at the Golden Lion Newport- excellent gig, good atmosphere 10/10 would recommend"

Molly Edmonds - Newport / 12.01.2019

"What a band. They are so cool and original. When you hear them you know that they are working together at the very fine level. There is a mutual love of music and you feel it when the band are playing. I shall be there on the night at the Plas Hyfred."

Phil Edwards - Narberth / 20.10.2018

"Sounds really exciting and fresh, not heard anything like it for a long time."

Wyn Jones - Flach / 31.10.2017

"Well done, musically ambitious, sounds like they're having a lot of fun."

Ed O'Brien - Radiohead / 6.02.2018

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