We are live and loud from The Dragonffli | Pontypool form 7pm - Saturday 4th March

This is our first gig at The Dragonffli

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  posted: 6 February 2023

We are totally stoked to announce that we will be playing our first festival! Saturday 2nd September 2023 - Broken Lines are live on the Kingfisher stage at Nene Valley Rock Festival.

Check out the festival here Nene Valley Rock Festival

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  posted: 6 February 2023

Join us at The Cellar Bar | Cardigan for Dr Sardonicus Winter Festival 2023 - Sunday 26th February.

More information and Ticket link

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  posted: 1 February 2023

Thursday 1st December 2022 - Broken Lines are live @ Hangar 18 in Swansea with Square Wild from Manchester.


  posted: 16 November 2022

Saturday 29th October 2022 - Broken Lines are live and loud from 9pm at Trehale Farm...come and join us!

Our first gig at Trehale Farm #brokenlinesuk

  posted: 1 October 2022

Wednesday 21st September 2022 - Broken Lines are live and loud from 9pm at HaverHub Haverfordwest.

Our first gig at HaverHub #brokenlinesuk

  posted: 21 September 2022

Saturday 25th June 2022 - back at the Cellar Bar, can't wait!

On tour 2022 #brokenlinesuk

  posted: 25 June 2022

Sunday 1st May 2022 - live at Mash Guru, Macclesfield - playing the Party in the Pews after party!

Our first gig of 2022 #brokenlinesuk

  posted: 1 May 2022

Out of Control - full length video by Jack Jackson

  posted: 4 April 2021

Fantastic review of Out of Control from BB Skone - Pure West Radio

A song for our times.
Absolutely classic Broken Lines.
I really love their stuff.
Fabulous bass driven rocker with some glorious lyrics.
Take no prisoners, eh?

  posted: 4 April 2021

Latest single: Out of Control

Is now available on all streaming platforms...click here

  posted: 31 March 2021

So excited to get our first radio exposure in Berlin!

Listen below and follow / like Ulf on Mixcloud

...we're on at 12:19 if you can't wait!! ;-)

  posted: 24 March 2021

Something massive this way comes!!

Get ready for release 31.03.2021

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  posted: 17 March 2021

Check out our current album Liberation.

Available on BandCamp and all online streaming platforms including: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, SoundCloud...

CD's are also available through BandCamp and include an insert booklet with lyrics and photos, it's gorgeous!

There have been fewer times where we need liberation more than today. Get up, do something, be heard! We love it and hope you do too! Jack, David & Mark x

  posted: 1 January 2021

Christmas Charity Single for 2020

We have just released our Christmas Charity Single with all proceeds going to Shelter Cymru - supporting the homeless in Wales.

Available on Bandcamp or you can donate directly through our Justgiving page.

We are determined to close 2020 on a positive note by releasing our 2020 charity Christmas single. Christmas is a time of giving, caring and sharing and no amount of Covid-19 can shut that down! It is currently believed that 90,000 Welsh residents are in danger of losing their homes in coming months. Homelessness is a long standing problem anyway but job and income losses this year have compounded the situation and winter months always place a huge strain on shelter charities. Whatever we can raise with this record we know can help to make a difference

We spent two weeks working in our production suite to write and record the song which very deliberately emphasises the positivity of Christmas. We decided to write one that was an upbeat reflection of this time of year. After such a difficult 2020 we thought we'd try and provide a bit of light relief by highlighting all the things that make the season a happy one and we hope everyone can get a little bit of a warm feeling from it!

Thank you :-)

  posted: 15 December 2020

SoundBoard Album Review - Liberation

Broken-Lines is Jack Jackson, Mark Briscoe and David Wellan and together they've recorded an album that stands out from the generic, mediocre trash that gets labelled as rock these days.

Liberation is ten original tracks and has it's roots in the much maligned pysch-prog mould but with enough modern touches and punk influences to lift it from that magnificent subgenre and off into the stratosphere of legendary Welsh rock.

These guys are taking no prisoners on this one and rightly so, you're either along for the ride or you can get off the fuckin' bus.

Broken Lines have been a part of the Pembrokeshire music scene for some time and along with Sendelica, are making waves that are far reaching, so sit up and take notice because these guys are here to stay. Get your copy now. MK

Black Space / Cellophane Killer / Darkest Hour / I Wonder / It's Your Time / Mannequin Heaven / Plain To See / Plug Me In / Running Free / Sweet Lips

SoundBoard Magazine

  posted: 30 March 2020

Saturday 4th April 2020 - The Small World Theatre, Cardigan
Our first time at The Small World Theatre, can't wait!

  posted: 22 January 2020

Saturday 15th February 2020 - The Eagle Inn, Narberth
Yeah, playing our favourite local again! We will be live and loud all night and its our first gig of 2020...Happy New Year!

  posted: 22 January 2020

Saturday 14th March 2020 - The Angel Inn, Aberystwyth
Our first time north of the country, really looking forward to this one. A RocSoc Live Night featuring Excursia, TREP and us!

  posted: 22 January 2020

Thursday 9th April 2020 - The King Arthur, Glastonbury
Can you believe it, we're playing Glastonbury! Come on...!

  posted: 22 January 2020

Sunday 8th March 2020 - The Fleece, Bristol
We're live and loud for our first Scouting session at the infamous Fleece in Bristol.

  posted: 22 January 2020

Spring Tour 2020 | come and support us!

Broken--Lines | live, loud & original music, don't miss it... #brokenlinesuk

  posted: 22 January 2020

Broken Lines are incredibly proud to announce the long awaited arrival of their debut album 'Liberation'.

Available in all reputable online music stores including: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and our own BandCamp.

CD's are currently in production and should be available to buy soon (watch this space!). CD's include an insert booklet with lyrics and photos.

There have been fewer times where we need liberation more than today. Get up, do something, be heard! We love it and hope you do too! Jack, David & Mark x

  posted: 2 November 2019

Saturday 28th March 2020 - The Cellar Bar, Cardigan
Really looking forward to supporting Icarus Peel's Acid Reign at The Cellar Bar. Check them out here: icaruspeelsacidreign.com

  posted: 28 October 2019

Friday 21st February 2020 - we are playing as part of Doctor Sardonicus's Midwinter Night's Dream Psychadelic Festival #3; we're one of seven bands playing over the weekend including: Broken Lines, Paradise9, Sendelica, The Mahatmas, Sonic Trip Project, Omnichron and Elfin Bow.

  posted: 23 October 2019

Amazing photo of us just before our gig at The Cellar Bar, Cardigan by Molly Edmonds Photography

  posted: 26 August 2019

We' just had the best review from Steve at The Cellar Bar, Cardigan...

These boys are smokin'..... We had a Saturday night with the amazing Broken Lines in The Cellar, Cardigan. I've watched the band develop over the last couple of years, and I love what they have become. We appreciate great quality original music here.... especially if it rocks; and that is what we got: thick punky riffs and strong emphatic down strokes, driving drums melded and weaving with heavy bass..... I'm not sure what their influences are, but I can hear a flavour of the early 80's New Wave scene, with perhaps a later Indy Rock influence too: some fast paced chord progressions and a slightly less urgent lyrical delivery. It is difficult to get that singing at one pace and doubling up with a fast downward stroke on the strings method, but David nails it. There were elements of the heavier side of sixties Psychedelia too (enter: the drummer), and perhaps I picked up a little sense of The Doors and The Kinks in there.... maybe a bit of early Zep... nice to see a bass man, with a bit of animation, filling in the gaps with boom: powerful interplay between these two.... anyways: we danced and they delivered.... awesome originals from this fabulous power trio: if you get a chance, go and see them.... bangin'.....

Steve, The Cellar, Cardigan.

  posted: 7 August 2019

Saturday 23rd February 2019 - Doctor Sardonicus's Midwinter Night's Dream; we're one of five bands playing a fantastic mix of music throughout the afternoon and evening, including: Sendelica, Twink, Paradise 9 and The Lost Tuesday. Tickets Here...

  posted: 4 July 2019

Friday 19th July 2019 - at The Cellar Bar, Cardigan.

Support from the awesome The Fens. It will be an amazing night, come along for a blast...

  posted: 4 July 2019

Woohoo - our first ever interview!

Check it out on A Look Into Music - An interview with Broken-Lines
Thanks Patrick ;-)

  posted: 9 June 2019

Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th August 2019 - we are proudly supporting a weekend of fund raising at the The Eagle Inn, Narberth, Pembrokeshire. There will be a fun day of events on the Saturday and we will be playing on the Sunday with a number of other bands...come and support us

  posted: 4 June 2019

Saturday 20th July 2019 - Broken Lines are live and loud from 9pm at The Eagle Inn, Narberth, Pembrokeshire.

Playing at our local, we can't wait ;-) #brokenlinesuk

  posted: 30 April 2019

Great review from our recent appearance at Dr. Sardonicus's Midwinter Night's Dream Psychedelic Festival, Cardigan.
By Gregg McKella Read the review |  Gonzo magazine

The bits about us:
"Opening the festival, were local Pembrokeshire psyche dynamos BROKEN LINES, consisting of David Wellan on guitar and vocals, Jack Jackson on drums, loops and samples, and Mark Briscoe on bass. They describe themselves as upbeat, energetic music with punk, rock, and psychedelia, and their multifaceted sound crosses the likes of The Clash, New Model Army, The Stranglers, to appropriately the Pink Fairies, to Pink Floyd which certainly came to mind as they kicked their set off with solid psychedelic instrumental rock opener 'Running Free' followed by equally rocking 'Mannequin Heaven'. The set then moved into more psyche-krautrock numbers with 'I Wonder', 'Darkest Hour' and then their 10 minute dark moody track 'Black Space'. Loads of light and shade, dark and moody with dynamics on this epic number. They finished up playing tracks from their newly-released live demo EP: pulsing psyche rock-out number 'Sweet Lips' and then ending with a long teasing ambient track, 'Indian Summer', that finally broke out in full psychedelic jam out, nicely ending their set. This band is new to me and I can draw parallels to my own band Paradise 9. I hope we'll be seeing more of them on the festival circuit."

Thanks Gregg, its great ;-)
  posted: 18 March 2019

Here's a great clip of us performing: I Wonder at the Cellar Bar, Cardigan on 23rd February 2019. Thanks Kathy ;-)

  posted: 12 March 2019

Check out this cheeky bit of news in Sound Board magazine...

  posted: 26 February 2019

We were live! Our first radio broadcast on -

Sunday 24th February : BB chats to Elaina Hoss and plays music from her two bands, the Numbers Racket and the Elaina Hoss Trio, plus lots more music from the Mams, John Cale, Regime, Gary Hall , Isabella C Collins & Gareth Evans, Thunder & Rain, I See Rivers, Broken Lines, Season 3, Accu, and John Lawrence. Enjoy from 7pm @purewestradio.com

Listen again...

Love the response at the end of the track!

"What a great song!

All sorts of things going on there, it reminded me of classic German Krautrock courtesy of Neu!, a bit of New Order filtering the Velvet Underground and most of all, the crazed, New York, avant-garde, rockabilly of the late Alan Vega (aka Suicide)

That's what's good about it, music has a wonderful emotional impact on you, each of us feels it differently, but we all feel something."

BB Skone - Pure West Radio / 24.02.2019

  posted: 24 February 2019

Woohoo - our first demo CD!

Here it is, our first 'release', sporting Jack's beautiful design work and sitting comfortably in his motor.

The tacks can be heard on SoundCloud:

  posted: 21 February 2019

Broken Lines: Sweet Lips taster for psychedelic gig coming up at The Cellar, Cardigan on Sat 23 Feb 2019. Performing with four other bands at the Dr. Sardonicus's Midwinter Night's Dream Psychedelic Festival.

  posted: 21 January 2019

Saturday 5th January 2019 - Broken Lines are live and loud from 9pm at The Golden Lion, Newport, Pembrokeshire.

Our first gig of 2019 #brokenlinesuk

  posted: 22 December 2018

We are fundraising for the Narberth Counselling Centre - adleriansocietywales.org.uk Supported by the Biker Clubs of West Wales - Velocette and Triumph owners clubs.

  posted: 27 October 2018

Searching through old footage and came across this clip from an open-air gig at Cardiff Met. from last Autumn. It was very windy. Fair play to Carol who managed to film this while dancing. You can't tell can you!?!?! : )

  posted: 20 September 2018

Really excited to be playing at Metfest in Cardiff, its our first time and we're the only band on the bill, so come along and experience us...

  posted: 11 September 2018

We are honoured to be supporting this event with Regime. All proceeds from this will go to Finn and provide him with a creative space at home, whilst he is recovering from his treatment.

  posted: 27 August 2018

Looking forward to our second gig at the Parrot.

  posted: 1 August 2018

Mannequin Heaven - loud and proud from our practice session, with some fun visuals by Mark

  posted: 22 July 2018

The Band | on tour | come and support us!

Broken--Lines | live & original music from our 3 piece band... #brokenlinesuk

  posted: 20 July 2018

Looking forward to our first gig at the infamous Parrot.

  posted: 1 June 2018

Supporting the fabulous Sendelica in Swansea at Cinema&Co. Live and loud from 8pm.

  posted: 21 February 2018

  posted: 8 February 2018

Saturday 28th October 2017 - A Cellar Bar Halloween Extravaganza Event! We will be supporting the mighty Sendelica and getting all spooky.

This gig was performed BM - before Mark Briscoe!

  posted: 12 September 2017

We are live! Our first gig at The Drovers Arms in Puncheston and a chance to setup our PA and funky lights!

This gig was performed BM - before Mark Briscoe!

  posted: 30 May 2017

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